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ARGOMENTO: The best way to clean your house

The best way to clean your house 2 Mesi 4 Ore fa #6719

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Upholstery cleaning according to codes
Refer to the manufacturer's instructions for your piece and the cloth cleaning code for the best way to clean upholstered furniture. “W” means that it is okay to use water. Remove pillow covers and wash according to the manufacturer's instructions. "S" means skip the water and use a non-aqueous solvent, such as alcohol, instead. Spray it gently and wipe it with a clean white cloth or sponge. "S / W" means that you agree to use any solvents or water, and "X" means not to use either of them and only use the vacuum cleaner.
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Prevent stains on upholstered furniture
If your furniture hasn't been pre-treated with fabric protectant to repel stains, apply it yourself (or have an expert do it for you). If it does treat it, ask the manufacturer how long it will take. "Many treatments have to be re-applied to the market every few years to maintain their stain-fighting capabilities," says Melissa Homer, MaidPro's chief cleaning officer. She says keeping it treated is key to extending the life of your furniture.

Blue plaid pillows on a mid-century velvet sofa with open shelves

Gently clean upholstered furniture
Never clean upholstered furniture, even when you are dealing with tough stains. Rubbing can crush the stain further into the fibers or damage the fabric. It is best to leave the stain remover inside and install then wipe it gently. Use a soft microfiber cloth to wipe dry, rather than a bristle or bristle brush. If the fibers are stiff after cleaning and drying, use a soft brush to loosen the material.
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Use water in moderation
"A lot of people think the more moisture you use, the better," says Ron Holt, CEO of Two Maids Cleaning Services. "This is not always true." Try a specially formulated (water-free) solvent stain remover first. Many upholstery sprays are inexpensive and work well on most stains. If you switch to a water-based approach, use it in moderation, Holt says.
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